5 Effective Ways to Teach English to Children

English is the official language in many countries of the world and it is speculated that over 1.5 billion people speak English in the world

Going by the importance of the English language in the current world, it is advisable that children start learning English at a young age. As seen on reviews on ReviewsBird.com, children who learn English at a young age communicate better than those who didn’t. They are also more open to new people and cultures. Teaching kids English at a tender age helps them develop a genuine interest in the language rather than one based on exams or grade-oriented. There are several learning strategies and examples for teaching English effectively to children. Some of the strategies will be discussed below:

1. Practice Everyday

The best way to learn is to practice every day. Thus, it is best to set a time table for your kid. Fix a particular time and stick to it. Short sessions of about fifteen to twenty minutes are enough for very young children as they have a short attention memory. Also bear in mind that short, regular sessions are better than long, irregular ones. Make each session fun in order to keep the child engaged. Consistency matters a lot!

2. Incorporate Games

Children learn better when they are having fun. Therefore, engaging them in educational games is one of the best ways to teach them English. Make flashcards, play games like Scrabble and do crosswords with them to practice English.

3. Use Picture Books

Use picture books to teach them the alphabet, names of animals, fruits, vegetables, etc. Begin by pointing at the picture and telling them what it is, then ask them where it is and finally let them name it on their own. For example, point towards the picture of an apple and tell them “this is an apple” first. Once they start identifying the apple, ask them “where is the apple?” and let them show you. Lastly, let them look at the various pictures and name the objects on their own.

4. Use Songs or Rhymes

There are many video songs and rhymes available over the internet today that can make English learning easy. Most of these use actions that demonstrate the meaning of the song/rhyme. Such videos are extremely helpful in teaching kids English as they learn the actions which helps them understand the meaning even if they cannot repeat the song or rhyme.

5. Use Everyday Situations

Describing everyday situations and routine activities makes language learning easier. This helps kids become fluent speakers as they can talk about any given topic with ease because of speaking practice. Therefore, always encourage your child to converse with you in English and introduce them to objects around them from the start. For example, talking about the activity that they are doing as they do it. Suppose your children are getting dressed, talk to them about their clothes, ask them to describe how they are wearing it, what color the clothes are, and so on. Also, discussing the type of furniture around the house, kitchen utensils, electrical appliances and so on can improve vocabulary. Tell them the function of each of these in short sentences so that they remember. Also bear in mind that every child learns at a different pace, so do not worry if your child is taking more time to learn than other kids.

Bottom Line

Teaching children English at a young age is very important. English language has grown to be the official language in many countries and is used in conducting many transactions. Learning English at a young age does not only build the child’s ability to communicate effectively but also boosts his or her confidence.