As a student, you need to jot down things. You need notes from lectures in class, you need to write other things than you learn when you are doing your study, and you also need to have a book around you in case you have a Eureka moment and you need to pen down the idea so you do not lose it.

Collected.Reviews gives you a list of bookstores where you can get notebooks and reliable electronic stores where you can get digital notebooks. See below for the 6 best notebooks for college students in 2021.

1.     Clever Fox Notebook:

The Clever Fox is dotted and can be used for a lot of things. It can be used to draw and also to take notes. The notebook has ribbons and stickers that allow you to mark different spots in the book. The Clever Fox notebook is light, it weighs less than a pound and it is a very good choice for students because of the arrangement of the dots on the notebook. This notebook helps students to pen down information in an organized manner however; it is not suitable for journalism.

2.     Five Star Advanced Spiral Notebook:

This notebook is suitable for jotting down anything. It can be used in class, in the library, in the laboratory, and anywhere else. It has a sturdy hardcover and allows you to detail information in an organized manner. The pocket dividers that come with these notebooks can be used to reference pages that you need to visit very quickly. The notebook also has space where you can keep your pen which means that you do not have to worry about which pocket is best to keep your pen, you can keep it in the book and have your complete writing set handy anywhere you go. The notebook is a very strong book considering its price and if you are concerned about a strong book that is effective, then the Five Star Advance Notebook is the right one for you.

3.     Mead Spiral Notebook:

First, this notebook comes in a pack of six which provides you with plenty of writing materials at a time and helps you save cost. Furthermore, each of its pages has a 3-hole punch which implies that it will work well with a fastener. These books are easily distinguished from one another owing to the radiant colors of each of the books. The price of the book and the value it offers stand out as factors that compel people to use it.

4.     TOPS 1-Subject Notebook:

Another notebook that delivers quality at a very economical price is the TOPS 1-Subject Notebook. The books are segmented with color codes which can help you use different parts of the book for different functions. If you are not bothered about the features of a notebook and you want a quality book that comes with the right price, TOPS 1-Subject Notebook is the right notebook for you.

5.     Leuchtturm 1917 Dot Grid Journal:

This book is one of the best notebooks for you to carry around. It comes with 249 pages that are suitable for fountain pen ink. It does not bleed the ink to the other page. The notebook comes with a table of content which allows you to arrange information in any way you choose.

6.     NorthBooks Journal:

The producers of this notebook fashioned it in an environmentally friendly way. The book is non-corrosive and its cover can be recycled. Its pages can also withstand ink from a fountain pen and it is said to last long.

As a student, you need to have a notebook that you can use to write down the information so take a look at these books and select the one you think is ideal for you then visit a bookstore to purchase it afterward.