The progress of the times makes the need for English language skills undeniable. To be able to meet these needs, various ways of learning are pursued, both  formal and informal ways of learning English .

One of the ways to learn formally is to include the English curriculum as early as possible and the proliferation of international-based schools in big cities, like Jakarta.

The rise of international-based schools led to the high desire of parents to enroll their children in these prestigious schools. But, what exactly is the positive impact that international schools have on improving children’s English skills?


Although some people criticize the existence of international schools because the use of English is more dominant than Indonesian, but international schools have an important role in improving foreign language skills. Through the international curriculum, the primary language used is also not thai but english

Indeed, language will be easier to learn if taught and trained since childhood. The process of language acquisition by children will have the maximum impact. The following are some of the positive roles of international schools for improving children’s English language skills:

  1. Children will be able to master English to the maximum, including communicating in English so that the knowledge transfer process will be faster too.
  2. The ability to communicate in high English makes children have a high level of confidence in the world of international relationships, globalization-based education, and future career competition.
  3. By mastering more than one language, children’s social life is not limited to domestic. He can develop himself internationally.
  4. Children will be more tolerant of peers of different cultures and countries.

Although international schools have some positive impacts on the process of acquiring a child’s foreign language, parents should not forget the importance of using Indonesian for their children for the sake of identity and love for the motherland.