Playground Guardian & Park Protector

Playground City is a 501(c)three group committed to designing an attractive, meaningful, and equitable studying ecosystem that helps the education needs and aspirations of all individuals (younger and old) in Orlando, Florida. Our work focuses on designing playful studying curriculum, promoting education placemaking, and rising related learning networks. The Playground City staff are consultants at design dash facilitation, and can help your company get from concept, to working prototype with buyer feedback in just 5 days. If you need a pair, we have socks out there on the front desk for $3/pair.


Playground helped me adopt new ideas, discard unnecessary ones, and take a look at materials in a safe, exploratory setting. Playground is a laboratory program designed for writers excited about exploring quick excerpts of work in three dimensions with a gaggle of administrators and actors.

Each Playground section consists of four writers, three directors, and 6 actors who, …