Why mastering a second language can help your career

Learning a second language is a great way to improve your job prospects and climb the career ladder, no matter what field you’re in. Acquiring new skills and broadening your horizons will always improve both your personal and your professional life, and learning foreign languages is no exception. Whether you want to move to France for a fresh start, or be able to communicate with your Spanish clients in their native language, mastering a new language will provide a multitude of benefits. Today we’re counting down the ways in which learning a new language can help your career, so keep reading to find out more.

1. Greater job prospects

Learning a second language will boost your career as it grants you the ability to work in different countries, opening up far more job prospects. If you’re looking for a change, moving to a new country to take the next step in your career is a daunting but exciting process. Mastering the native language of the country before you go for an interview will make you more likely to be successful and make a big difference in your confidence at work.

2. Provide more value to your company

No matter what kind of company you work in, learning a second language is always a great way to show your employer how much value you are adding to the team. If you’re the only employee who can communicate with clients in their native language, for example, then you’ll be seen as a vital asset and may be in line for promotions which require work overseas or in specific markets.

3. Time for a career change?

If you’re looking to switch careers, learning a second language will open the door to a range of potential new professions. Translation, interpretation and language teaching are fields that are always hiring, and offer lucrative career pathways. Having a second language could be the deciding factor when interviewing for a new job and allows you to move into a range of new sectors where you may have other transferrable skills. What’s more, it shows you aren’t complacent and are willing to keep learning

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Author name – Graham Beeson

Bio – Graham is a prolific writer on all things language learning.  When Graham is not busy exploring the fascinating world of neuroscience and language learning, he spends his time playing golf in the Irish countryside!